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Upcoming Features

Some editors still need implementations, however, developers only need to build editor GUI, as the game mechanics behind these editors are already existing. 


The Alpha version will end in late September. It may end before if we are fast enough on the development. The Beta phase will last three to five months, depending on your feed backs.








Universe Editors RoadMap

Characters Editor 

The Character Editor creates default Player Character for your game, and also, Non playable Characters. You can specify special abilities, inventory, equipment, and loot for each character. Character editor includes an Artificial Intelligence editor which determines behavior for it. It allows also to skin your characters with specific materials. MyRPG comes with twelve playable races. 

Creatures Editor 

The Creature Editor is really similar to the character editor. You can choose creatures meshes, reskin them, set their attributes and AI. 

Encounters Editor 

The Encounter Editor allows you to create sets of creatures/characters that appear during the game. Encounters are triggered by invisible box shapes during the game. 

Dialogs Editor 

The Dialog Editor manages dialogs. Dialogs are trees of NPC answer and sets of choices. Each choice may trigger some specific actions using chat commands. 

Merchants Editor 

The Merchant Editor allows you to create merchants able to sell and buy items, and even max transaction amount. 

Crafting System Editor 

The crafting system allows you to set which items are needed to create a new item. The crafting system is controlled by triggers in the World Editor. Usually these triggers are attached to a 3D object in the world. 

Quest and achievement Editor 

This editor allows you to set your quests and achievements descriptions and conditions. It also configures advanced settings such as social network and steam sharing. 

Events Editor 

This editor allow you to create in-game events triggered by player actions, or by global timeline. Events can be cut-scenes, creatures spawning, NPCs actions, ... You can then create a dynamic and living world. 

Social Network Editor 

This editor allows you to configure social network sharing, like your facebook application, twitter, steam, and more. 

Minimap Editor 

The Minimap Editor allows you to add custom maps synchronizing with the player’s position. It can also define different kind of pins to your MiniMap. 

Weather System Editor 

The Weater system can create dynamic weather events, you can control rain, snow, clouds, storms and wind.”