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Upcoming Features

Some editors still need implementations, however, developers only need to build editor GUI, as the game mechanics behind these editors are already existing. 


The Alpha version will end in late September. It may end before if we are fast enough on the development. The Beta phase will last three to five months, depending on your feed backs.








GUI Editors RoadMap

NPCs Dialogs

The NPCs dialogs are customizable windows you can modify with the main GUI Editor. Dialogs are launched when interacting with a friendly NPCs, and data come from the database Dialog Editor.

Inventory and bags

Inventory and bags can also be customized with the main GUI Editor. You will be able to set the number of items per bags allowed. You can setup up to 18 emplacement in your inventory. A simple Drag and drop equips your player to be . MyRPG checks automatically if an object can be equipped according to your definitions in the database.

Spell book

Spells and spell books can also be customized with the main GUI Editor. Database definitions and players progression determines which spells are displayed and available.

Quest and Achievements

Quest Book and achievements are synchronized with the database and character's progression.