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Frequently Asked Questions


Will we be able to control the camera, so we can lock it in a pseudo-Isometric perspective? Or use it for first person view, 3rd person, etc?

Default camera mode is 3rd person / First person. You can switch using mouseWheel roll. We plan to implement an Isometric camera in late Alpha.


Is there any sort of eventing type system that would give us more control over creating and executing game mechanics?

Yes of course ! Events can be triggered by the "trigger" tool. This trigger to will allow you (very soon) to start some code block. These code blocks are created graphically using drag and drop commands. So you can create cut scenes, launch particles effects, spawn monsters, and so on. You can also create triggers on game time, to allow for instance to spawn monster on a specific date.


Compared to other no-programming-necessary software (RPGMaker, Construct2, Game Maker, etc), how easy/difficult to learn is this software in your estimation?

Our goal was to make use of MyRPG as easy as this kind of tools. Meanwhile, MyRPG introduce Rules Making. You can create dice based system, like D20 System, or computed system, like WOW or RPGMaker, which may take time. 3D is also more difficult to handle than 2D, but we made it as simple as possible.


Any plans on ultimately giving some sort of basic 3D model maker/painter editor that allows users to create their own basic models?

Yes, and it's already done, it's the sketch tool. Meanwhile, you can't create complex shapes like characters with this tool. But it's perfect to create a building.


Upon release, how large of a 3D library of characters/objects is there, and roughly how big do you suspect it to become by its full release?

Actual installation size is 1 Gb. We plan to add objects each week. Our goal is to achieve an object library of about 10-15 Gb. This library will cover universes ranging from medieval to Science Fiction or Steam Punk.


Do you plan on expanding the editor(s), resources, etc, beyond the full version of the software once you reach that point, such as DLC with more resources or new editors?

We plan to release DLC, and to use Steam Workshop to allow users to share / sell their creations. Concerning editors, we plan to listen users opinion and to develop new editors depending on requests. These editors will be included in MyRPG as updates, not DLCs.

Will where be DLC packs to add more "content" down the road and if so what do you think the price might be hypothetically.

Yes we plan add DLC packs, AND to use Steam Workshop to allow users share / sells their contents. But, the policy is not yet defined.


Will MyRPG be royalty free? What limitations will there be with selling our creations

We will allow all users to use Steam Workshop to share / sell their contents. Indeed, we will pusblish further information about this point soon. 


Can we make multiplayer games with MyRPG?

Yes, you will be able to create multi-player game, of course. At the moment, as there are still uncertainties, we decided to claim only single player.

How many players can the MyRPG server handle?

Up to 250 by instance.

Is there a co-op gameplay available ?

MyRPG allow you to play via local Network, or via Internet. You can play together, even if there is no real co-op mode at the moment, we will listen the community about this point.


In regards to rules sets can we program our own rule sets?

That's the main purpose of the rules editor. As old RP gamers, we wanted D20 System, Rolemaster, or RuneQuest Ready. Young team members prefers systems like WOW, RPGMaker... We worked Hard to make all of this compliant, and I'm Happy with the result. So Rules editors are here to help you build your own system.

You said the game is D20, Rolemaster ans RuneQuest ready but does it inclued only games's dices mechanics or also others resources like character sheets or spells ? Otherwise can we create our own ?

MyRPG is inspired by DnD, Rolemaster and RuneQuest, and many Computer RPG and MMORPG. Indeed, we provide MyRPG D20. And you can (must) create your own.


Any plans on expanding the 3D model support to include other file types, such as .obj, .3ds?

No. Collada files will be the only way to import 3D models.

Does MyRPG support .BVH files for animation?

At the moment, MyRPG does not support .BVH files. You will need to integrate them into your models. The final version of MyRPG will be able to import these files.


Will there be documentation with MyRPG?

As we plan to regularly add graphics and functionality, we also plan to realize video tutorials. Documentation, will be mainly based on Video tutorials.


Do you Support Nvidia Gameworks?

Some of these techniques are already supported (PhysX clothing, for instance), but not the totality. As gamer, my goal is implement these techniques. But as I know, they are difficult, I can't move me on this subject.

Will there be any way to enhance the graphics? And will there be any way to import custom animations?

Graphics uses shaders, so you can improve with latest graphics techniques. 
You can import new models with collada format (.dae files). This format is supported by major 3D creation tools like Blender, Max, or Maya. For Textures, icons and GUI, you can use .jpg, .png or .dds files.


Will you allow scripting for more advanced users who outgrow the visual editors?

Yes and no. MyRPG supports advanced scripting. We are using it to code game Play. But unfortunately it is no yet documented making it unavailable. A strong request from users may encourage us to produce this documentation, but only after all basic features are done.

Will we be able to add coding from our side

Coding with scripts will be available only with final version, when documentation will be ready. Meanwhile, our Drag and drop GUI Interface will (must) do all things you can imagine.

What programming language or scripting language is used?

No scripting language is required to use MyRPG.


If we start a llimited sized map during alpha, can we export all the map to import it in the planetary world at he end of alpha ? In another words, can we start to build a world in the alpha and finish it in the coming indie version without having to rebuild everything ?

Yes that's a real thing we will take care on : Data compliance. So MyRPG will evolve during Alpha, but we will take the greatest attention to this point.


Is the world map as one part without loading times or many maps linked by transition zones ? Can we make instances ?

It can be one part, or many maps linked by transition zones. Second one is faster at loading time. Instance is a special server configuration. Yes, more information about this later.


The game includes some GM commands. What can we expect with the GM and roleplay features ?

Via the chat Interface you type some commands like /dance, /salute, /tp character_name destination, /spawn creature name, and many other, each command is affected to a GM Level.


Will it be possible for players to create their own characters in a character creation screen or can players only play as pre-made characters created by the developer? If the player can create their own characters, what customization options do they have?

MyRPG Comes with a character selection GUI. Characters will be created in Editors. We plan to introduce, later, a character customization GUI.

Can we customize the stats, Character progression, Damage, Buffs, Debuffs, and the like?

Yes, as one of the main purpose of MyRPG is to build your own rules, you can custom at will your character progression, and mainly, Buffs, Debuffs and stats.


Are there any plans for large world support? (Terrain paging or 64 bit foats)

Yes and Yes and re-Yes. 
Our first objective was to build Huge Terrains based on HexMaps and Fractals. This goal achieved, we started to develop other things. At the moment, only limited terrains are available (4096x4096), but at the end of the Alpha, you will be able to handle planetary terrains. Yes I know, "but if it works, why isn't it in this version?". The answer is because, MyRPG was built with many independent projects, and this one is not yet implemented, but will come soon.